November 8, 2012

dirty socks

Sorry to have been so MIA lately.  We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here.  After the flooding we had during Sandy our storage closet had to be cleaned out so all that stuff we've been trying to hide from ourselves is not-so-neatly stacked in our living room.  On top of that it's that time again to go through all of Madeline's clothes because the ones that are out are getting too small which means we should have ones that fit in big tubs that are unfortunately mixed together with all her little teeny baby clothes... Anyone know how to organize kids clothes?  It's so hard! If you have a system or method please share. 

Mostly I haven't been around because of the nasty-est cold that you ever did hear of.  Achey, chills, feverish-feeling, stuffy-runny nose, sore throat, cough, constant head ache nasty nasty nasty miserable cold.  I've got it the worst but I'm convinced Madeline doesn't feel great, either.  It's been almost a week since it set in on us.  No improvement.  blah.   Poor baby bumped her head before nap time and is teething with a cold.  She doesn't want to take a nap and even though I gave her tylenol just won't stop crying.  It's been that kind of a week.  {Can we acknowledge how great it is that this is the first time I've given her tylenol in a long time!?} Thankfully Jeremy hasn't caught it {yet} and hopefully it'll stay that way.  Bless his heart for putting up with us grumpy, sick girls.  I just sobbed on his shoulder when he got home from school yesterday.  

So other than cleaning and organizing and blowing and crying it's been your average week.

I'm guessing by this point your wondering why the heck I named this post ''dirty socks''.  I will explain. Lately everybody seems to be listing what they are grateful for, it being the wonderful month of November where we realize we've been greedy ungrateful people and decide to count our blessings. haha... just kidding... kind of.  Anyway, ever since we've been married the single most thing that has bothered me about Jeremy is he leaves his dirty socks EVERYWHERE! Just this morning I found a pair stuffed into the couch.  What the heck?  I find them sitting a foot from the dirty clothes basket, under the couch, under the table. everywhere.  It used to bother me a lot. 

A few weeks ago as I came upon yet another pair sitting on the floor one morning,  I realized that these wonderful smelly socks mean that there is someone in my life I get to pick up after.  I have a husband.  A wonderful husband who does almost everything perfect.  Sure he doesn't put his socks away, but that's ok.  Each time a I've found a pair since then a smile crosses my face because it reminds me how lucky I am to be married.  How grateful I am to have a loving husband.  I love that guy so much and I will pick up a million pairs of socks if it means I get to be married to him forever.

p.s. What do you think of my stocking inspiration?  I can't wait for Christmas!  It's possible that I broke out the Christmas music on Halloween... bad, I know.


  1. I am so sorry you've been sick! Sounds like what we have had for the past 2 weeks! It just continues to linger and unfortunately Bri got it too and it was miserable! I am so sorry! Regarding organizing clothes, we have Rubbermaid tubs and then we have the clothes organized by sizes and put in either large Ziploc bags or grocery bags, then labeled...(sounds wordy)

    But we just did the same thing with Bri's clothes and getting our baby boy clothes out! Fun fun!

    Yay for dirty socks! Great perspective changing! GO SARAH

  2. So sorry you are sick and that there is a pile of storage in the living room. The sock thing totally makes me laugh because he's been like that his WHOLE life, Jon too, and Mom was always yelling at them while she picked up after them.

    GET BETTER! Changing out kids clothes is the WORST and never ending!


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