March 19, 2013

I love to fly

I have always loved flying.  There's an almost magical energy that flows through even the smallest of airports. People are coming and going. All for different reasons. Business, funerals, weddings, vacations. Everyone is experiencing change. Everyone is different. It's exciting. Especially for a people watcher like me. I love wondering what I'll order for my precious complementary beverage even though I know - Sprite. Always. Bringing favorite snacks that keep one particular little mouth busy. Anxious adrenaline rushes fill a day of travel. Take off, landing. I'm childish with excitement. But yesterday I was especially grateful to be traveling with my two favorite people.  They seem to make any experience brighter. Even a day of flying.


  1. Someone is an an artist! Nice photography!
    I especially like the black & white photo of Sarah -- angelic!

  2. I love these amazing photos!


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