March 11, 2013

just wanted to let you know we're alive and miraculously we still remember how to take pictures

Has it really been almost a month since I've blogged?! That's crazy. We've been sick off and on. Madeline has a couple teeth coming in and I guess I've just had a lot of projects going on.  None of which I've finished... Time is going by really fast.

Yesterday I had a little time to take some pictures of Madeline.  She wasn't in the best mood, but I think we did alright.  Hard to believe she's almost sixteen months. WE ARE SO READY FOR NURSERY! Only 75 days, 11 Sundays... this isn't making me feel better.  On to the pictures.
"Where's your nose?" 
I included the above picture because I never got a great picture of 
the dress that I made for her birthday.  Isn't it so cute!

I probably don't need to tell you this, but she did all her own posing ;)

Did I mention she's teething? Fingers in her mouth at all times.  


  1. She is so cute, and I love that dress!! I kind of hope I have a little girl next so I can make little dresses like that too =) for now we have to stick to ties. Haha. Hope Baltimore is treating you guys well!!!!!

  2. Great pix! Yay for nursery countdown :)

  3. Gosh she's so cute! The dress is ADORABLE. I love the lace :)

  4. Oh she is so adorable! Stinkin' cute smiles for not being in the best mood :)
    I am terrified of teething. I hope it doesn't turn my happy baby into a monster!

  5. I can't believe you made that dress! It's so pretty! You have some serious talent :)



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