August 21, 2013

best wishes to two of the very best gals I know

My two best friends from high school are each beginning new and exciting chapters of their lives in the next two weeks. Jaclyn is getting married tomorrow and in two weeks Kaylie is leaving to serve as a missionary in Germany! I'm so unbelievably proud of these beautiful women and all that they are becoming. I guess I naively thought it would just be the three of us goofing off forever, but our lives have each turned different ways. (Probably my fault for getting married so quickly... ha).  Mostly I'm so grateful for the wonderful memories we have together and for all they each taught me. So glad I had such wonderful friends through those tuff high school years who knew and understood me. Congrats to Jaclyn tomorrow and good luck to Kaylie! Can't wait to have the three of us together again someday :)

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