October 21, 2013

it's october

^^Biggest/scariest spider of my life. And I almost walked right into it. It was almost on my face.  And this thing was big. Like at least the size of a quarter, no joke. 

The days are getting shorter and our jackets are in daily use again. It's October. Perfect weather every day, rain or shine, it always feels good when it's October. Hearty soups and homemade bread, pumpkin goodies and candles. My favorite time of the year, although I must admit I'm a little anxious to be moving on to Christmas this year. I can't wait to cuddle our new baby and watch our little girl light up on Christmas morning. 

But we made the most of October on Saturday. We went for a beautiful walk/hike at a park we've been meaning to visit for a whole year. Actually Madeline has been quite a fan of running lately so we ran part of the way. "Run Mommy! Run Daddy!" It was the perfect day, because it's October and the weather is always perfect in October ;) It felt so good to be out of the house and enjoying the fresh air. And of course I'm always happy to be spending time with my little family of three, soon to be four! CAN IT BE CHRISTMAS ALREADY!? Baby boy I just can't wait to have you join us! I have a feeling you're going to fit right in. 

Oh and incase you're wondering, yes, yes I have noticed it's been two months (to the day...) since my last blog post. Am I proud of it? No, no I am not. Somewhere between our busy summer with family and pregnancy brain the blog got put on the back burner... I'm sorry blog. Forgive me, please? I promise to be better!


  1. Yay for Fall! Amazing photos and I love the one with you and Madeline~ Glad you didn't run into that festive spider-gross! Love reading your blog!

  2. Cute pictures! I can't believe how old Madeline is getting! I remember when you were pregnant with her and that seems like yesterday! She is so cute and she looks so much like you! Excited for you and your new baby boy. Do you have a name yet?

  3. Such sweet pictures - especially the one of you and Madeline. She looks just like you! :)


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