September 19, 2014

baby Claire

Today I had the privilege of taking some newborn hospital pictures for some great friends. What a treat it was to spend a little time documenting these precious moments of a brand new family of three.  Kierstin was absolutely glowing with that new mother glow and Caleb couldn't stop beaming at his perfect baby girl. I'm just so happy for them to have baby Claire safely here. 

It was my first time doing this kind of photo shoot but I really really loved it. The light in a hospital room is so bright and soft, and it felt magical. (Which is ironic because thinking back to the day after Luke was born I felt anything but magical ;) Fun to be the one not in bed for a change). What a beautiful gift life is. I'm grateful for the chance to freeze bits of peoples lives and preserve moments like these. I'm hoping I'll have more opportunities to do shoots like this.

Congrats to the Goodrich family! 

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