October 4, 2014

nine months old

^^A big thanks to Dad for helping out ;) ^^
^^He adore's his sister :) ^^

This handsome fella is 9 months old today.  He's just the sweetest guy. You can't resist smiling when he comes bounding around the corner and greets you with a wave. He's into everything. Knows how to open kitchen cabinets and drawers, loves destroying his sister's block towers and eating her crayons, but he's just so sweet you can't ever be mad. He's also proving to be taking after his mother in the climbing department (although he didn't beat my record of walking before nine months ;) ). We find him perched on the arms of the couches, climbing out of his high chair (the straps are too small for him! Didn't have that problem with Madeline...), scaling the rocking chair and getting himself onto Madeline's bed. He carries the block you see pictured almost everywhere he goes, even to bed. He crawls with it and it sounds like he has a peg leg/arm(?). His big blue eyes get comments everywhere we go, he's still the biggest flirt and he often out eats Madeline and I. He can eat a whole banana in about a minute. Not cut up or anything. Those six teeth of his know how to chomp! Looking forward to hearing how much he weighs at his doctor's appointment next week :) Luke bud we love you!!!!!!!!

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