October 13, 2014

the lamest pumpkin adventure, but hey

^^worth the trip just for this picture^^

^^ "hey kids sit in this dinosaur egg! It'll be so cute!!" ^^

^^background on this picture at the bottom of the post^^

 ^^cue nostalgic tears for the great northwest....^^

^^you just pretend you can't tell I haven't showered in two days....^^

^^the doctor said this week that if he still has his blue eyes now
 at 9 months he'll most likely keep them! #happymama^^

^^can we talk about how adorable she is?^^

 ^^family picture take 1^^

 ^^and take 2^^

^^ "tri-pumpkin-pod" ^^ 

^^she won't take a picture with us,
 but she'll pose right in front of the self timer by herself...^^

Saturday morning we decided last minute to head to pick some pumpkins, you know, boost our spirits and such. Without doing much research, I picked one from a quick google search and we were off.

Should have turned around right away when we saw the creepy structures, but we didn't. In fact we paid $5 PER PERSON to walk around a ghost town of strange story book recreations... THEN we paid $2.75 for an itty bitty pumpkin dumped in a field they called a "pumpkin patch". A little piece of me died.....

I don't mean to hate so much, I'm sure they're struggling to get by, but honestly these places are trying too hard! Give me a field of plump pumpkins, some fresh donuts and cider and a beautiful, natural fall world to escape to. None of the extra stuff..... 

We made the most of it, I guess. Hopefully this coming Saturday we'll find something better. The NorthWesterner in Jeremy and I can't let fall go without a good fall experience for everyone :)

Oh and Madeline was so upset on the dinosaur because they stamp a horse on your hand to prove you'd paid for admission...  And she "didn't want a horse on her hand..." 


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