November 12, 2014

a fancy birthday tea party

I never planned on having a birthday party for a three year old. I mean come on, that's pretty young. But as her birthday has been approaching, Madeline has continually talked about "her birthday party". I figured she'd be totally fine blowing out the candles with dad, mom & Luke watching, but she made it very clear she wanted her friends to come to the party. 

We sat down and I asked her what she'd like to do for her party. Without skipping a beat she responded,"A tea party".  My reaction,"A tea party?! How do you know what that is? We don't even drink tea!" But she knew what she wanted and (thanks to my Facebook friends for talking me into it )  we made it happen. I'm so glad we did, too!

The party really didn't cost much. Almost everything I already had or were leftovers from her 1st birthday & a baby shower I hosted a few months ago. I kind of struggle with stuff like this, birthday party's and halloween costumes, etc. Seems like every other week there's an article from the Huffington Post about how moms need to cool it with all that stuff. And while I agree it can get out of hand, pulling a cute birthday party together for my daughter is something that I REALLY enjoy doing. No pressure for you to do the same for your kids, but I loved making the invitations and planning out a little menu. I loved making paper crowns and helping the kids with a couple little crafts. It wasn't at all a chore and it wasn't me trying to "keep up with the joneses". 

Another factor was that Madeline eats this stuff up. She noticed when I got everything ready for the baby shower a few months back and she was SO SAD she wasn't invited. Seeing her mom make preparations just for her, putting glitter and jewels on everything, a lot of which we did together, did not go unappreciated. I highly doubt Luke will appreciate this much effort when he turns three ;) 

Our theme was kind of "things Madeline loves". Which is basically all things girl :) Fancy Nancy, glitter, tea party, frilly, dancing, pink, crowns... We just kind of threw it all together. I ordered two Fancy Nancy books that have a tea party theme. One is a story about her and her best friend Bree and the other is basically Nancy's guide to hosting a tea party. The books got here a few days before the party and we went through the books and I kind of let her decide what things she wanted to do. I didn't plan on glueing plastic gems to our ikea silverware, but that was the one thing Madeline really wanted to do. So we used a washable glue stick and they lasted just long enough ;) It was so cute to look over and see her flipping through the pages of the 'planning a tea party' book. She'd bring it to me and show me what she'd learned and we'd talk about it. I LOVE my GIRL! 

My other source of inspiration came from Jones Design Company. I seriously love everything that woman does! I pulled a few things from her daughter's past two birthdays, namely the invitations and the crowns

For food I just tried to make kid food a little bit fancy. Little sandwich triangles with the crust cut off, cantaloup cubes, cheese cubes on tooth picks, bananas, veggies with ranch, pink lemonade, heart shaped ice cubes and of course a pink cake with tons of sprinkles (or sparkles and Madeline prefers to call them :) ). Incase you're wondering, the cheese was the biggest hit.

The party itself was a huge success. It was a little long, three hours is a long time to entertain six three year olds. But since I was having parents drop their kids off, I figured it'd be nice for them not to have to drop them off and come right back. One couple even got a date out of the party, which I loved! 

Most importantly, the birthday girl had a great day. It was really fun for the two of us to prepare together. I'm not sure which she loved more, getting ready for the party with me or the party itself :) 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Can't believe you're almost three! 

p.s. she's only wearing the teensiest bit of 'dark lips' (lipstick) ;)  When she saw me put some on she had to have a little, too. Thanks to her daddy for not making too big a deal out of it :) 

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