November 29, 2014

i'm convinced this is the greatest park in the world

 ^^ You know he's starting to walk well when he can take a few steps on this thing ^^

These past few blog posts from our current trip to Florida are starting to feel like replicas of our trip a year and a half ago, but our family has changed so much, and it's such a beautiful place, I keep snapping away and you know me, I have to share :) 

This park. 

Every city in America should have a park like this. My soul sings being in such a beautiful, peaceful and happy place. Last time we were here Madeline was about fifteen months old and not exactly able to enjoy the park. But this time... this time she didn't stop. Luke obviously had fun, too. That boy has no fears. Dive down a slide? No problem-o. In fact, let's do it over and over again. Swings? Push me higher!

Seriously, though. If you're ever in Panama City, you must go to this park. 

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