February 17, 2015

home away from home

Each time I'm in the North West I'm reminded once again why I love it. Just walking out of the airport upon our arrival here and breathing in the crisp clean pine tree air rejuvenates my soul. Add the world's biggest greatest family and it's hard to beat. Having a certain husband here would pretty much seal the deal. 

This trip and been amazing for us in so many ways. Great to reconnect with family, especially Christian who just returned from a two year mission to Argentina. Luke hadn't met him yet, and hadn't met my grandparents who've been here most of the time we have. It's just been really great! The weather has been perfect and we've played games and eaten good food all week. My kids haven't quite been star sleepers since being here, but it's been worth it. And I'd probably put up with it longer if we didn't have a beloved husband waiting for us in Baltimore, because we've missed him a lot. Although the below freezing temperatures and the snow back east almost make me want to stay here til Spring ;)

Thank you Spokane for never disappointing. You'll always be a home away from home.

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