February 17, 2015

valentines day

^^ During the afternoon Madeline and I got a surprise flower delivery! The next sequence of pictures are of me reading the card to Madeline and her realizing daddy sent her some flowers. ^^

^^ She felt SO special! ^^ 

 ^^ facetiming Jeremy to tell him thank you for the flowers :) ^^
This Valentine's day was just about as good as it could be without being able to spend it with my number one valentine. It almost felt like Christmas, everyone wearing their festive clothes and great food, spending the day together. Of course I missed Jeremy like crazy, but only two more sleeps and we'll be together again :)

This trip has sure been great. I've been wishing more than ever that someday we'll be able to settle close to family. And preferably in the North West ;) But alas, we'll settle for visits for now.

Hope you had a happy Valentines Day!

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