September 23, 2015

sunless sunrise with my favorite people

^^ "Why are we awake guys??" ^^ 

We woke the kids up early, long before daylight, slipped their jackets and shoes on and buckled them in their carseats. I have to admit it felt good to be waking them up for a change :) After a five minute drive we arrived to dark and desolate beach. We huddled together on the sand and waited. Gradually the light grew brighter, we saw a brief pink glow on the cloudy horizon and that was it. No majestic colors or brilliant glowing sun but somehow it didn't matter. Because any time spent with these three is better than the most beautiful sunrise. It's cheesy, I know, but they light up my life.  

If these pictures seem blurry to you it's because they are. High ISO combined with constant salty ocean spray on my lens does not result in sharp pictures ;) I couldn't clean it fast enough! And the last one of our family... let's just say I've made a mental note to hand my phone, not my camera, to a kind stranger willing to take our picture haha. 


  1. These are my favorite photos of all time!! Blurry or not, they are amazing!!


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