September 22, 2015

we're home

We're home from a "last hurrah of summer long weekend by the beach". It was full of good food, beautiful views and most of all great friends. Looking back I don't think I changed a single diaper all weekend, thanks babe! It was an escape we all needed, and I'm sad it had to end but it does feel good to be home.  Driving home through rural Delaware I managed to convince Jeremy to pull over so I could take a few pictures of the white beauty you saw above. I'm not a horse person, or really an animal person, but he took my breath away. Or she. I didn't get that close. If it weren't for the "no trespassing" signs on every three feet of fencing, I would have given him the last apple in our cooler.

It's fall and it's starting to feel like fall and my parents are coming to visit this weekend and everything feels right and good in the world. It's good to be home.

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