December 15, 2015

our home is dressed for christmas

The way a room feels is really important to me. I love the way pattern and texture and color come together to determine how you feel in a space. I love DIY projects and I'm happier when our home is pulled together just right. Which doesn't mean I'm done, because "just right" is always changing. I'm a free spirit, and that's ok. 

I tried for years to put myself down for being "vain" or "worldly". I couldn't understand why I cared so much, and it really messed with me. 

I sat in the Temple one day wishing God had giving me the gift of being an academic. Why wasn't I good at math or science? Why didn't I love working with refugees or saving the world by purifying water or something?! 

Then I realized how wrong I had been. How sad it must have made God to listen to my troubled heart complain about my gift of creating. God Himself is the great creator, the creator of worlds without end and the reason we are in existence! I looked around the celestial room and had an overwhelming appreciation for all the creators who worked together to make this house of God. A beautiful space where the spirit could always dwell. Architects, interior designers, textile designers, seamstresses, contractors, furniture builders, florists, and whoever builds those immaculate chandeliers. People who have spent their lives building their talents for creating. 

I have no plans or goals to help in the design of a Temple, but we needed those people! My small creations may only serve my family, that's ok, enough for me. In some small way, each time I create I feel closer to my maker. I should never wish that away.

Since that day in the Temple several years ago, I've been slowing discovering my style. I've made a lot of big mistakes, like the busy curtains (they can be seen at the end of this post). They're certainly not bad, just not me. If anyone wants eight curtain panels, please let me know! And the wingback chair we pained lime green (???!!!???) to match the curtains I didn't like? All this while living with floral couches (that we donated recently and we love our new IKEA couch! Mostly because it's not floral ;) )  In the past month I've finally felt really at peace with our house. Which feels crazy to me, but goodness it feels right.  It feels like a part of me has been set free, like I know who I am just a little bit better. It's far from perfect, and I'm certain it will change over time, but that's ok. One of those pictures on the wall above the tv says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful".  How true that is.

My favorite thing about this style we've come to love is the neutrals that provide a perfect backdrop for any season, holiday, whatever. Right now our real greenery and pops of red are making my heart oh so happy.  Also, we did have a tree with ornaments and stuff, but Luke quickly made it clear we could choose no ornaments or broken ones, so we'll try again next year :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Sarah, you are an artist!
    Your Thanksgiving table . . . your Christmas accents . . . everything so simple and refined, and positively glowing with harmony and serenity.

    1. Thanks you Sister Brown! I hope you all are doing well!

  2. Beautiful! People like me who have very limited fashion sense (if any at all) really enjoy admiring your creative taste. I love it. I am creative person but not a decor-creative kind. I'm more of a cartoony kiddie kind of creative, which makes my house look less elegant and more like a bunch of kids live here without parents, ha ha. But I'm learning to embrace my style too in all its rough mismatched glory. Thanks for sharing!


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