October 8, 2012

city girl

I always thought it would  be fun to be a city girl.  I'm not what you'd call a country girl, I don't do the horse thing, but I've definitely spent more time in the country than the city.  For the last few weeks I've realized more and more that I am not a naturally born city girl.  I'm not wild about the noise, parking sucks and I haven't had a breath of fresh air in what feels like forever.  But every once in a while I have a city moment helps me realize I can be a city girl for a few years.  This morning gave me one of those moments.  It was just a jog through the park with a spectacular view of the city.  And so for at least four years, here I am, a city girl.

Of course this little bundle of joy is and always will be my favorite view :)

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