October 12, 2012

ten eleven twelve

{All photos taken by Matt Shumate}
Yesterday was October 11, 2012.  10-11-12.  Yesterday was the day I wanted to get married.  When Jeremy and I first started dating, we knew almost right away that this could be (and probably was) it.  I told him that I thought (if all worked out) we should get married on 10-11-12.  Because, come on! What a cool anniversary! Plus I'd be twenty by then and who doesn't love October? Jeremy thought I was crazy.
When that date got crossed off, we decided together that June 17, 2011 was a good date.  We had our first date and our first kiss on a '17th' so we thought it would be kind of clever to get married on one.  And June just says, "wedding", to me.  We celebrated our "pre-anniversary" on June 17, 2010 just days after I graduated from high school.  But we still weren't officially engaged.
Well, guess what.  We didn't wait til 10-11-12.  We didn't even wait for 6-17-11.  A month after our pre-anniversary we were engaged and chose 12-18-10 instead.  I'm so glad we did.  We got to the point that we knew we wanted to be together.  We knew we wanted it to be forever.  So why wait? I am eternally grateful for Jeremy knowing I was crazy (and still wanting to marry me).  I can't imagine my life without him. It hurts to try, so I don't.  I can't imagine having waited and not having Madeline in our family.
So even though pinterest wasn't invented before we got married and even though I didn't get my dream spring/summer/fall...not winter wedding it still turned out pretty beautiful. God has a way of making everything turn out perfectly.  

Most importantly, we were Sealed for time and all eternity. And no number combination can beat that.
p.s. Now we have like three anniversaries and it's kind of awesome.  Just sayin'.
p.p.s. How we celebrated our first anniversary.


  1. I really loved this post! You are such a great example, Sarah! I love reading your blog these days. Even though I never blog, I still read everything you post. I love your cute little family! I miss you! Your wedding photos are great and it truly was a beautiful day!

  2. These pictures are beautiful :) The snow makes such a gorgeous backdrop!

    My fiance and I are getting married on our dating anniversery this coming year. June 27th. It falls on a Thursday, but the date is special to us, and we knew since we started talking about getting married that this is what we wanted to do.



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