April 22, 2013

my madeline

First let's talk about what an awesome blogging roll I've been on lately! At first I attributed it to being sick last week, but I'm still going *knock on wood*  These pictures were taken at a park near my in-laws new house in Florida. It was such a fun park and absolutely beautiful. None of that colorful, plastic playground equipment. Very natural, as if it was made to rest under the old southern trees forever.

My little girl is growing up, becoming her own little self. I'm in awe at all the things she's learning, the words she's picking up astound me. It really made me smile when she exclaimed "Where did it go?!" and someone else understood what she said. When did I trade my baby in for a little girl? It's pretty humbling as her mother to watch her grow. To know that even though there have been moments I've been lost and confused in the world of motherhood, I'm doing a pretty good job. I thought I'd share with you a few cute things she's doing lately that I hope to never forget. 

Usually Madeline answers 'yes' or 'no' to questions but lately after being asked something she's responded with, "um.... um... I.... um....". I have no idea where she picked it up, but it's adorable. She's also getting very good at signing 'I love you'.  Often times during the day I'll be doing my thing and she's doing her thing when she takes a break to come over and point to me exclaiming, "YOU!" (which means I love you). My heart melts. If I sign "I love you" to her she smiles as though it's the greatest thing to know I love her. That she knows how special she is and she's happy to be alive. My heart melts again. Madeline also loves blowing kisses, the regular kisses are pretty popular though too. She's attentive and expressive. Loves to help me with everything. Dishes, cooking, picking up, but especially laundry. Loading every thing into the washer, one thing at a time, pushing the button. She loves it. She's smart, kind, and knows how to put a smile on almost any stranger's face. She is my Madeline and I can't imagine life without her. A lot of people call her Maddie... and I struggle with that because she's my Madeline. I feel like her name fits her so perfectly and I can't understand why anyone would want to change it. I try to be polite about it, because really it's not that big of a deal, but no matter what, this little girl who is beautiful inside and out, she will always be my Madeline. 

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  1. That playground looks like lots of fun! Amazing photos and it's amazing how much our littles ones pick up! Madeline is adorable and I am so glad she makes your heart melt too! :)

    Let's get together soon! My kiddos are sickie but hopefully soon we can play!


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