April 29, 2013


Today is my twenty-first birthday. I am twenty-one years old. And while the world may look at this milestone as a time for booze and careless living, I'm feeling particularly grateful for the wonderful life I've come to be living.

I'm grateful for life. For who I am, for the plan my Heavenly Father has for me. I'm grateful for my loving husband who married me as a teenager even though many people told him he'd regret it. I'm grateful for the faith he had in me. I'm grateful for my beautiful daughter and for the blessing it is to stay home with her each day. I'm grateful for the beautiful apartment we live in. For a wonderful ward, amazing friends and the chance we have to be living here in Baltimore. My life feels full and complete right now. Not perfect, I still have my trials, but I'm happy.

My expectations weren't high this birthday and my family can tell you that's never happened before. I'm just grateful to be here. Grateful that on April 29, 1992 at 5:01 in the morning my parents gave birth to a little girl. I'm grateful that I've had so many awesome birthdays and chances to celebrate me. It's true I would have loved a birthday where my husband didn't have tests to take and study for. And I really would have appreciated a day full of sunshine and a trip to the zoo with Madeline (especially after spending the past two days sick & inside), but a rainy day will have to do. I still love the rain. 


  1. Happy birthday, sweet first-born Princess! We could not have asked for a better daughter to pave the way for us as parents and for the rest of our children!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I am glad you are feeling better. Friday night was a blast, we need more picnics in beautiful gardens. It was very Jane Austen meets Downton Abbey.


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