June 17, 2013

madeline loves her grandpas

Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes and excitement regarding our growing family. We are really excited. Emotionally it's been a long eight months or so, but we're happy to be moving forward.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be busy during the rest of this pregnancy, and particularly excited that we'll be busy with our extended family. We can't wait to spend a good chunk of the summer together.  

In preparation for for our trip, we've been trying to practice saying the names of some family members.  When we skyped my family yesterday she was really quiet at saying their names, so just to prove she can say some of them, here's a video. Pretty good for not quite 19months, right? Sorry she doesn't say your names better mom, Christian and Elizabeth. We're still learning :)

We skyped some of Jeremy's family last night too and as soon as she saw the skype window pop open she couldn't stop saying "gampa gampa gampa." Naturally there were a few technical difficulties and before a minute had passed she was sobbing the biggest crocodile tears because she couldn't see Grandpa! I think she enjoys being the only grandchild for now.  But I'm sure she'll love running around   with all twenty four of her cousins on the other side, too! 

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