June 16, 2013

we just can't hide this bump anymore... we're going to be a family of FOUR!

It's true, it's true, there are four peas in this pod now. We are so happy to announce that we're expecting baby number two, coming this December. I'm thirteen weeks along and baby is the size of a pea pod (see how punny we are!) Our anniversary is the latest due date we've been given. I guess this won't be the romantic anniversary we keep hoping to have, but we think a baby is great, too :)  Plus, who doesn't love the idea of spending Christmas with a brand new snuggly baby!? Only 27 weeks to go...


  1. Congratulations, Sarah!! That is such happy news. As always, I admire people who can keep the news to themselves till they start to show. My feeding tube at 7weeks always gives me away :)
    You look so cute too by the way! I love that dress. Is it maternity or just stretchy? Whatever it is, it's cute with a perfect tummy in it.

  2. You look awesome!!! Congratulations!

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for you Sarah! :) this is fantastic! Great pictures too. You look radiant!

  4. SARAH!!! I am so so happy for you! how exciting to have a little Christmas baby!

  5. You bring tears to my eyes!!!!

    You are precious, and so is the new little life growing inside of you! Creed was due Dec. 12 . . . and he arrived Dec. 27 AFTER being induced! We loved having a baby at Christmas!

    SO happy for you! Love you!


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