June 4, 2013

on the phone

I was on the phone with my mom for a little while before dinner today. Madeline always loves the chance to enthusiastically say, "Hy-eeeee!"to Grandma, also sometimes known as "na na" because it's a lot easier to say. During dinner I handed her half a piece of bread after she finished her soup and she picked it right up and carried on the most serious conversation with grandma through the rest of the meal.  It was pretty cute. I can hardly believe we're moving into the stage of imagination! I'm loving every minute of this eighteen month age. All the new words and the curious cogs in her mind that always seem to be turning. She is such a joy to have around and we love her so much! 

Also, you can take this blog post as a sign that we are alive! wooh! Sorry to have been MIA again. We've been enjoying husband's break from school the past few weeks :) But I've got lots of things I hope to share with you soon!


  1. So cute! Such a fun age and stage :)

  2. Oh, how sweet is that! She can call me any time! And I love having a nickname created by her! Can I keep it?

    1. Of course you can keep it, Mom! We'll work on re-inforcing it a little more :) Sometimes when she points to you in a picture (which she does often!) we'll say, "grandma!" and she'll repeat "mama" but it's getting confusing because I'm "mama" and the best she can say "madeline" is "mama". lol but if she points you out herself it's usually "na na"


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