December 13, 2013

hey december, we like you.

^^Madeline wanted you to know she took this picture of her beloved snow all by herself ;)
We're pretty into taking pictures these days.

Despite the stress the holidays seem to bring and on top of that a busy husband who's trying hard to be prepared for finals week while constantly checking his phone for any sign his wife might be going into labor, it's been a good month so far. We were spoiled with almost a week of beautiful weather in which we didn't have to turn on the heat!!! Quite exciting for poor students :) And then the cold and snow came, but we don't mind too much because it's pretty magical the way Madeline can sit curled up on the window sill, quietly watching the snow fall. 

And of course who doesn't love extra excuses to be baking all the time. I know I'm loving it. Even if it's nearly impossible for me to have a picture with my daughter where we both look good... She's such a ham. 

Thank you December for truly being the "most wonderful time of the year". It's been a great couple of weeks so far and we're really looking forward to what else you have in store :) 39 weeks! Baby boy when are you going to get here?!?!

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