December 16, 2013

jer & sah-yah

Madeline has recently come to the realization that Jeremy and I don't call each other mom/mommy & dad/daddy. So she's felt she has the liberty to call us Jer and Sah-yah the past couple days. Trust us, we've been making an effort to correct her newly developing habit, but it is pretty entertaining, and we have a hard time not smiling or even laughing when it happens. Had you been at our house yesterday you might have overheard a couple such conversations. I suppose there's often a conversation going on that could make anyone laugh, but these two in particular felt worthy of recording. 

First was when I was in the bathroom getting ready for church. Madeline was in her highchair eating breakfast and Jeremy was doing something in the kitchen. All of a sudden Madeline started yelling, "Where did Sah-yah go?! Sah-yah go?? Where's sah-yah!?" Finally Jeremy had to answer, "Mommy is in the bathroom, Madeline."

And then on the way home from church Madeline asked, "Jer, what time is it?" I could not hold in my laughter. First because she has no concept of time or what the answer would mean and second because she had so casually asked it. Jeremy just answered her, "It's 1:11 Madeline." And she simply responded with, "Oh, wow." 

How we love this little girl of ours! Madeline I can't believe I ever wanted you to stay a baby forever because life just keeps getting better the older you get. We love you!

Jer & Sah-yah

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