December 10, 2013

let it snow!

We were hit with the most unexpected little snowstorm yesterday (I wrote this Monday... oops). Unexpected for me, I should say. It was forecast, I just kind of ignored it/didn't take it seriously. When we got to church Sunday morning there wasn't a flake in the air and after there was a good three inches on the ground. Madeline was pretty uneasy about it driving home from church, but after her nap she wouldn't stop begging to go play in the snow! So her wonderful daddy took her out just before it was completely dark so she could experience the snow. She was so cold but didn't care. The only thing that got her inside was the bribe of a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Just look at those rosy cheeks! It was time to come in :) 

After Madeline went to bed we got to enjoy the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, one of my favorite December traditions. And even though it was a lot different than I was expecting, it was still good and I loved snuggling up with Jeremy and this bump of mine with the glow of the Christmas tree off in the corner. 

Such a wonderful evening. Such a wonderful time of the year.

Madeline's hat is from We absolutely love it, and the people who just recently started the company. You should check out their site. My niece is the adorable little girl on the home page.

Also, I have instagram... have I ever mentioned that? I need to get some sort of link or slideshow on the sidebar of the blog, but until then, feel free to follow along! There's a couple pictures of our snow day yesterday plus it'll probably be the first way we let the world know when our little Mr. gets here :) Any day now!

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