April 21, 2014


Evening... Bedtime... It can be stressful, am I right? We're all tired, sometimes hungry, depending on how on top of it I was that day with dinner. It's usually not a family's shining moment in the day. Or maybe that's just us...? But I have a sneaking suspicion we're not alone here ;)

Lately we've been trying to make an extra effort to enjoy the bedtime routine with the kids. Rather than stressing and dragging our feet about one more thing before peace and quiet, we're looking at it as forty-five minutes we get to spend together as a family. Forty-five minutes where we have a chance to reset and go to bed good again. It doesn't matter how much tension filled the house during the dinner hour, or how many tears were shed (by kids or parents...), life can go back to happy again. 

We recently started bathing both kids together and it has been really fun. It's a special thing to watch the relationship between your kids grow. I love that they're becoming fast friends. Luke is quite the little fish, kicking and splashing to no end. And he manages to throw a lot of water around! Poor miss Madeline is a little more of a wuss when it comes to splashing. When Luke calms down she gets right in his face and says,"Stop. Stop it Luke." I'd show you a video, because it's the cutest thing you ever did see, but Luke hasn't learned about keeping it modest yet... so anyways....

Also, I'd highly recommend this Book of Mormon reader put out by the church. We wondered if it'd be too advanced for M, but she's loving it. Makes family scriptures less of a chore when she's excited about it! 

Grateful for this little family of mine and for the realization that bedtime doesn't have to be stress-time. 

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