April 22, 2014

egg hunt

^^Love my guys!^^
 ^^someone found a candy.... No he did NOT eat it^^
^^"Maybe if I smile super cute mommy will let me keep it... " 
Close but not quite^^
^^Eggs are apparently pretty boring when they're empty.^^

I kind of struggle with the easter bunny. It almost feels a little creepy to me, a giant bunny coming into peoples houses and leaving eggs? What the? He doesn't feel special or magical to me like Santa. There's definitely something to be said for the spirit of Christmas, but I'm pretty sure the spirit of easter can't be embodied in a giant bunny. You've lost me. And when did the easter bunny start competing with Santa? 

But at the same time I don't want to be that parent... ya know? So we did a little egg hunt in the living room Saturday afternoon. It was simple. Just last years basket and plastic eggs and a handful of jelly beans. It was lucky for Madeline she didn't have to compete with anyone for eggs because she was s.l.o.w. She meandered around, found an egg, walked back over to her basket, dumped the candy on the floor right next to the basket, put them in the basket one by one and discarded the eggs. It was painfully slow. But she seemed to have fun.

I'm not sure what we'll do in coming years. I'm sorry this wasn't meant to be such a downer post... I just wish this holiday was more focused on Christ, because that's why we have it. If I totally brought you down I'm sorry... scroll back up and look at the chubby happy baby up there. Or watch this amazing video about Christ. Grateful for Easter. Grateful for my Savior. Happy Easter.

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  1. I always had tons of fun dying eggs and doing egg hunts with my family, but I don't necessarily understand the correlation. What do bunnies have to do with Easter? And.. Bunnies don't lay eggs lol but I agree that it's sad Christ gets overshadowed by candy, eggs and bunnies.


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