April 14, 2014

perfect evening with my favorite people

^^Such a cool cat^^
^^Apparently we need to work on the smile concept with these two^^
^^Tickles always work ;)^^
^^"I looked out the window and what did I see..."^^
^^"Let's pretend I'm a baby, mom."^^
^^This boy melts my heart again and again^^
^^This boy does too ;) ^^

We went for a nice long family walk a few nights ago. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, the flowers were blossoming and the birds chirping in the budding trees. Originally we had intended to check out a community Easter egg hunt at a park near by, but we quickly realized that half of Baltimore got the same memo, and we're not huge on crowds... so we walked back to our neighborhood and wandered around for a while. We ended up at a little cafe not far from our home. We'd been meaning to try it, but when you're poor and don't go out often it's hard to take the risk that it'll be good, you know? Thankfully we were hungry and there because it was GOOD! We decided it's probably a good thing we haven't tried it yet because it'll be hard not to frequent it over the next two years ;) We walked home as the sun was setting and all felt really grateful to be together and to be alive in this beautiful world. Welcome spring!

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