November 16, 2015

a party for a princess

Madeline won't be four until Saturday, but with her birthday being so close to Thanksgiving we decided to have an early party. As I began thinking about what to do for this 4th birthday party she's been talking about since the day after her 3rd birthday party I knew we had to have one, but I also knew I needed to keep it simple this year... I've felt the need to simplify life lately, I quickly find myself in a fog when I take on too much.

We invited several girls and women Madeline knows and loves to watch the new Cinderella movie with us. To me it was perfect, mostly because Madeline felt like a princess all day long, still does, as she has hardly removed the dress ;)  I hope she knows what a princess she is, not only on her birthday, but every day. She is a daughter of the most high King, and that makes her a princess in my book. She is courageous and kind and I'm so grateful she made us parents almost four years ago. Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!


  1. Such a great birthday celebration idea! I still haven't seen that movie. :)

  2. What a beautiful, sweet girl!!! She is growing up way too fast. What a fun party! She has the perfect mom and dad!


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