January 24, 2011

Its a BEAUTIFUL Day...continued...

Didn't even break a sweat posting that last one - all that worrying for nothing. Oh well, good to know for next time!

Lets see, school has been going pretty well the past few weeks. Its hard to believe the pace that everything has picked up to in such a short time. All of a sudden I have three tests this week, and two papers due within the next week! Wow! Midterms already? Really? I guess we'll survive - what choice do we have?

Our apartment is finally complete - well for the most part. I wish it still looked as nice as it did when we took these pictures :/ (Thats one of those things I should be doing right now...)

There it is - home sweet home :)

Speaking of clean houses and keeping up with household chores and such, Jeremy is going to be home any minute now, and I wasn't expecting him til like 5:00... so I think I'm going to start making a clean house for my wonderful husband! I love him SOOOOO MUCH! He's so amazing, and every day I fall even more in love with him. He's so thoughtful, and he's always trying to do things to help me and make me happy. I feel so blessed to be called Mrs. Jeremy Wells :D

[Reminder to myself to post about my weekend sometime soonish]

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  1. cute, cute, cute! I loved looking at your pictures on facebook but didn't get to comment on them b/c Nathan was throwing a giant fit! So, sorry about that! :o) Enjoy your home sweet home! You'll never forget your first little home together! I know we won't! :o)


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