January 31, 2011

My Best Friend

I would like to introduce you to someone I like to call my best friend :)
His name is Jeremy {He's my husband}
Jeremy is with out doubt the best man in the world - for me that is!

There are so many things I love about him, its crazy!
Here's a little list:

He makes me laugh every single day

He rubs lotion on my feet and legs - even if he 'doesn't like it' he knows how much I love having my feet rubbed :)

He cleans up the entire house {which should probably be my job...} without me asking him too

He almost always does the dishes {again I need to do more of that}

He makes me realize how much potential I have

He pushes me to work harder and be better even when I don't want to

He is a wonderful patriarch of our home

He tells me he loves me each and every day {at least 20 times}

He painted my toe nails the other day {shhhh..... I'm not supposed to tell you that - but since I did I'll tell you the whole story: I told him a while ago that when I got pregnant he'd have to paint my toenails when I couldn't reach anymore, so the other day he practiced :) and they looked GREAT!}

He's always pitching in with dinner

He knows how to manage $ - which is good, because I don't, and he's teaching me

He keeps me on track spiritually

He holds the Priesthood

He has a current Temple Recommend and he takes me there

He almost always gets my door {he only doesn't when we're like in a big rush}

He makes me proud to be a Wells :)

He's patient with me

He's so stinkin cute!!!

He talks in these really weird voices sometimes and they just make me laugh sooo hard

He's going to be the best dad ever - not only that but he's excited to be a dad


He knows the scriptures really well

He hogs the covers at night.... oh wait thats not something I love about him haha - I love that he doesn't get mad when I fall asleep quickly, or when I'm grumpy when I'm tired, he just laughs along and makes the best of it

There are about a MILLION things I love about Jeremy, but I need to go shower to get ready for work... so I guess thats all for now :)




  1. cute, cute, cute! :o) Mitch was better at I was at painting my toenails when I was pregnant and couldn't reach! Well, I could reach, but it really gives you a stomachache--it was all I could do to trim them, and that doesn't even take very long! In high school he worked for a car detailing company, so I guess I have that to thank for his mad brush skills! :o) Good for you for having him practice! I love your list!

  2. lol thanks :) I think its a good thing for guys to know!


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