September 10, 2011

Dear Madeline, we love you!

Dear Madeline, 
I hope you know how much you are loved.  Your fake aunts and uncles love you, your real aunts and uncles love you, your grandparents love you, but most of all your parents love you :) We love you so much! We love watching you kick, and feeling you move around.  We love your presence in our life, and we have a story to tell you to show you just how much we love you!

Abouta month ago? Maybe just three weeks, we ordered you a cute lil crib to put in your nursery! We've been anxiously awaiting it's arrival {not as anxiously as we're waiting for you though}.  So finally the last possible day arrived for it to get to Walmart so we could go pick it up! And then it was delayed another day... so then today was the day! So after we finished our classes we headed off to Wally-world to get that crib! Of course we missed the part in the email that said we need a confirmation code... And for some stupid reason the irritable lady didn't know how to pull up our names in connection to the order... gah... So thanks to your loving Grandma for logging into my email and getting the code, we finally got it pulled up! She went to the back and got it, turns out the size description on the internet wasn't quite the actual size of it... it didn't fit in our car.  Everyone we knew that might possibly be able to fit it in their car was busy, so we broke down and spent the $22 to buy straps to strap your crib to the roof of our car! And then it started to rain... Luckily it was in a cardboard box, and luckily there was only kind of minimal traffic on University Parkway, so the crib survived! Hurrah! And your daddy set it up so stinkin fast! Wow... he's awesome! Can't wait for you to meet him :) 

{And just to make sure you believe our whole ridiculous charade of a story, we took a picture!}

Long story.... really long... we want you to know we love you! Also, we're watching The Office right now, the episode when Jim and Pam have their baby, and we just can't wait to have you!

Love,  Mommy and Daddy



  1. Hahaha I love this! The car looks awesome! Lucky Madeline, to have such great parents :)

  2. Cute! That episode of the Office aired right before I had Nathan--like a week or two before--and I cried all the way through it! I wanted to have my baby SOOO bad! I was jealous of Pam, even though she was scared! I watched it again yesterday during my sick day activities :o)

    What a funny story! I'm sure she'll love to hear about it. By the time she gets the hilarity of it all your family won't be able to fit in a little car! She'll be like, "It wouldn't fit in the van/suv!?" :o) "You guys had a little car!?"


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