September 27, 2011


I can't explain how hard it is to have a person growing inside you, and not know what they look like and who they are and will become.  I'm constantly wondering if Madeline is going to look more like Daddy?

Or Mommy?

Or what a perfect blend of those two is.  I kind of secretly hope she has a little tuft of dark hair like her daddy, 
at least when she's born, so she doesn't have to be bald 
until she's one and a half like me. 
I want to know what kind of a person she'll be.  I know I'll love her no matter what. But is she going to be thoughtful and shy, gabby and sassy, or just delightful and charming?

I can't wait to be her mom, and watch her grow and see who she becomes. But at the same time I want to know right now! {I'm impatient I know} I guess I'll just have to wait and let her surprise me a little bit every day.  Only 60 days til her due date! 
{I'm still hoping she comes a week early, 
but its probably not going to happen}

So here's to patience - or trying to be patient.  It is definitely a lesson I'll never be done learning.



  1. good for you :o) It's definitely a hard waiting game! I had so many fears that Nathan would be the ugliest kid alive...after all, when it's your first, you don't know what you + husband equals! It's so hard! Now we're nervous he's just a fluke and we're still destined to have ugly children :o)

  2. She will be so beautiful! So excited for you guys! Your kid pictures are super cute btw.


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