September 26, 2011

Its {one of the} most wonderful times of the year!

It's FALL!!!
{officially last Friday... but its okay}
And of course now Utah decided to throw some 80 degree weather at us - come on!
I'm so ready for beautiful crunching leaves beneath my feet

For apple cider in the cool, crisp air

I want to put on a ridiculous costume

And eat a pumpkin spice donuts from up on Green Bluff

 Carve a pumpkin

Have a baby {not your typical fall activity, but its on the list this year}

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Have even more pies than last year

Kiss my husband in the first snow fall

Set up Christmas Decorations

See the lights at Temple Square

And be home {Spokane} in time for Christmas

Last night Jeremy and I made cookies and listened to Christmas music.  How is it that Christmas is so magical and so wonderful? I can't wait to celebrate it with our little family this year! Less than three months til December 25th!

But for now lets just enjoy Fall - 
{One of the} most wonderful times of the year!

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