October 26, 2011

Thanks for Listening

Have you ever had a feeling that you should call someone, or send them a friendly text? Drop by and say "hi" or just share your smile with someone? I believe that our Heavenly Father cares enough about each of us that sometimes He inspires us to do something for one of His other children.  If we're listening we get those promptings and are able to help each other out. 

Today was a horrible day.  Well it started out horrible.  It was one of those mornings that was terrible, and miserable, and not really for any particular reason other than I'm 8 months pregnant {officially today} and  miserable most all the time.... {Is it normal to feel crappy, kind of like when you're on your period? Not really cramps, but just that miserable feeling?} Anyway, walking home I might have kind of fallen apart walking home with Jeremy today simply because I wasn't walking in a straight line and he pointed it out... ridiculous I know.  Came home, burst into tears, had a good cry and was then greeted by the sweetest little Halloween greeting from someone who {yeah they sent them to several people} but we were one of those people! It just reminded me of how important it is that we live our lives so that we can bless other peoples lives each and every day.

AH that just reminded me! Someone thought of me on Sunday too.  There's a woman in our ward at church who stopped by Sunday evening to bring us cookies and wrote me a sweet note thanking me for the music the choir sang that morning.  It really didn't go over very well, I was kind of frustrated and just, I'm having a hard time.... But she was nice enough to thank me {even though she probably realized how bad it was...}.  It just, it made my Sunday.  

So thank you to all you people out there who are listening.  I'm sure you don't realize just how much of a good impact you had on me!  I hope that when I take the time to listen I'm helping someone out too.  Not that I want to know, I just want to be able to be an answer to someone's prayer every once in a while, you know?  By the way, the Frankenstein Bag had candy in it and Jeremy and I spread it all out on the couch and divvied {did you know divvied had two 'v's? I had to look it up...} it up like two little kids sharing their spoils. We're basically little kids - nbd. 



  1. awesome!! Gotta love those pregnancy tear-inducing moments :o) I'm sure Jeremy forgives you! It's funny how half your brain is the old you and the other half is taken over by hormones and won't be realistic for even a second! You are the cutest little pregnant lady :o)

  2. I LOVED getting that cute little bag...it made my awful day just a bit better. I hope tomorrow's happier for both of us :)


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