July 19, 2012

birthday boy

Jeremy turned twenty-four on Tuesday.  One more year and the man will have lived a quarter of a century.  I threw together a pretty pathetic, last minute BBQ to celebrate the occasion.  But it turned out pretty well.  Thank goodness for awesome parents who know how to accommodate their crazy daughter and all of her sky-high ideas.... What would I do with out them? 
Jeremy loves peaches so when I came across a recipe for peach cake I couldn't pass it up.  It was all from scratch, and pretty good, but there's something about a cake from a box.  Does it taste better because it actually is better? Or do I just like them better because of how easy they are?

I made him wear this cute little pin and he just about died :)  But what are wives for if they can't embarrass their husbands every now and then?

And then I kidnapped the birthday boy.  I made a reservation at a Bed & Breakfast in Coeur d'Alene a few months ago.  Jeremy never really wants anything for his birthday or Christmas.  "I have everything I need."  (Stark contrast to the never ending list I hand him about a month before my birthday...) But I knew that this year what he really needed was time.  Time with me that didn't involve distractions.  Well one distraction to be specific.  (I'll give you a hint: She weighs about 17 lbs, and she's a skinny little thing that loves to climb on anything and everything these days).  So I arranged for him to get work off (THANKS JON!) and we kissed our little baby goodbye and had a jolly good time.  Together.

Happy Birthday Jeremy.  I'm so proud of you and all that you're doing.  You never cease to amaze me by the way you lead our family and help me to be a better person.  There's no one I'd rather spend eternity with.  No one I'd trust more to be the father of our children.  Thanks for being my everything....


  1. I love this! Congratulations! It is SO fun to take off the "parent" hats for awhile and just be a couple! And by the way, I LOVE how that peach cake looked!! And that b&b looks so fun!

  2. look at you go!!! looks like the cooking class really paid off. :)


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