July 12, 2012

CHINA: More Pictures!

Here's some random pictures from the rest of our time in Xi'an.  
I think we were all amazed by the intricate detail that can be found everywhere through out China.  

Madeline was a celebrity!  Everybody was touching her, smiling at her, taking pictures of her/with her and some people even picked her right up! Without asking!  Who does that!?!  This picture was taken during breakfast at our hotel during one of our first days there.  Nobody was in the restaurant except Jeremy, Madeline and I so we left Madeline in her stroller to grab our food from the buffet (3ft away, tops).  I turned around after maybe a minute and the waitress had taken Madeline out of her stroller and was carrying her to the back of the restaurant to show all the other workers.  I couldn't believe it.  I quickly set my plate down and followed her.  And as soon as I had the chance I snatched my baby back up and didn't put her down again.  I really learned how much Madeline trusts me.  If I was a little uneasy about someone she could sense it.  This (in the picture above) was a friend of the waitress (the one who just picked her up and walked off) who obviously made me feel VERY uneasy and Madeline sensed it.  She really didn't want to be with her anymore.  But when one of our guides wanted to hold her I was more than ok with it and she happily obliged a little cuddle with just about anyone. 
I love being a mom.

On our last day in Xi'an we visited a Muslim market.  My favorite part about traveling is really being with the people.  Stepping in their shops, bargaining for the best price.  I love the sounds, the smell, the sight.  I just really love it.  And what a beautiful place to spend the afternoon, right?  At night the white things you see in the tree light up.  We were pretty bummed we couldn't see it at night.

How did I get to lucky!? She's so stinkin' cute!

Pig feet anyone?


 And there is the cutest baby in a hotel you ever did see!

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