May 8, 2014

birthday twos

^^Madeline was in heaven^^
^^The most effortless, soft, perfect tulips. Almost like roses...^^
^^This little boy melts heart! He's just too cute.^^
^^I just want to cry every time I think about how she's moving next month!^^
 ^^family picture fail....^^

My birthday dreams this year consisted of family, friends, a beautiful park (here's the pictures from last year) and chocolate cake. Words aren't flowing too freely today, but I'll just say it happened, it was perfect and it makes me wish my birthday came more often, just for the excuse to get those four stars in alignment more than once a year :) Oh and I was also very grateful to be sharing our celebrations with two other friends. Madeline's friend was turning two, I turned twenty-two, and another dear friend turned fifty-two. 

You know when you're growing up and it's a pretty big deal to have your "favorites list" all prepared and ready to go, just incase someone happens to ask you?  You have your favorite color, favorite animal, favorite number, etc. Well my favorite number was always two. It's even, it's manageable, it just felt clean and happy to me (I know... I spent way too much time as my eight year old self contemplating my favorite number. But these things were important!) And then, when I was maybe ten? I had an epiphany. If my favorite number was two, it really should be twenty-two, because that is (wait for it..) two twos! So I guess this was a pretty big birthday for me, finally getting to turn the age of my favorite number ;) 

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  1. I remember that... when you realized your favorite number was 22! Happiest year ever ahead! Love you!


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