May 23, 2014

trial of my faith...

Believe it or not, those two adorable babes in blue put us through the ringer last Sunday. There's a reason little boy blue is yawning.

Two words. 

Stake Conference.

It's like I could tell it was so good, and I knew other people must be feeling the spirit, but we got nothing. I realize I'm over exaggerating a bit, but *sigh* a two hour sacrament meeting... Part of enduring to the end, maybe? 

Thank goodness they're so cute :)

And for the record, Luke, it was not very nice of you to wake everyone up this morning at 6:00am and go back to bed at 6:15am leaving mom & dad with your very energetic sister. We're tired, bud, so maybe you and Madeline could sleep in tomorrow? Thanks.

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