May 23, 2014

I think it's called a date?

You know, when two people go out and do something together, remembering why they love each other and enjoying one another's company. That is a date, right?

It had been far too long since Jeremy and I had some alone time - out of the house. Babysitters don't exactly grow on trees in our neck of the woods, and paying them once we find them is another hurdle. There are lots of great people willing to come watch our kids and we are so grateful, but it still would be nice to just hire a teenage girl who isn't juggling her own work, family, date night, etc. ya know?

Well a week ago some friends of ours insisted on coming over and putting our kids to bed. Cue Hallelujah chorus. It was glorious. Just Jeremy and I, walking through our neighborhood that we love so much, eating dinner and walking home. Peace. Quiet. No stroller. Wonderful.

...And then a bird pooped on me... but we needed to head home to feed Luke, anyway.  Still a great night :)

p.s. sorry to be so mia this week. Lots of great things happening here! Painting furniture, sewing curtains, etc. OUR LIVING ROOM WILL SOON BE A BARREN BEIGE WILDERNESS NO MORE! 

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