April 18, 2011


{Yes husband had to tell me how to spell that, but I think he spelled it on word then spell checked it} 

I am getting way claustrophobic people!
At first I thought we could live in this place, no problemo - but we're about to reach my breaking point.

Its just too small, and I love windows, you know?  Light, and happiness, and the sun!
We only have windows in one window of our house and thats the bedroom, and its really just not quite cutting it for me.

Luckily, we've only got 5 more days 
{including today}
til we go live with our parents who have big houses and dishwashers and windows and we are going to be such bums when we come home in August... :/ 

Hopefully we'll get into Wymount though and have a little more breathing room 
*crosses fingers*

Well ttfn - ta ta for now
I gottah go study

I got this... :)

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  1. good luck!! You'll never forget your first cute little home :o) I thought we had tons of room in our two-bedroom apt. (yay storage room/study office!) until we had Nathan...now I feel like we're bursting at the seams! Babies require so much stuff!! Have fun with your parents! :o)


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