April 1, 2011


I'd be willing to argue that I am one of the worlds biggest daydreamers
{And by biggest I didn't mean fattest, I mean I do it a lot}

Sometimes it feels like all I ever do is think about the future and all the wonderful things that will happen in our lifetime.  Its fun, and it helps pass the time.

I used to be a BOY-CRAZY daydreamer. 
Kind of embarrassing to look back on :/
but now I just daydream about me and jer and our kids and our future!

One of my favorite things to dream about is our house.
I have the ultimate dream house. 

If you've ever seen the 2005 version of 'Yours Mine and Ours'
{First of all great movie! I also love the old one with Lucille Ball}
But in the newer one, the house the move into - that's my dream.

I couldn't find a picture, but there's a few little shots of it in the trailer.
Its an old lighthouse
{Obviously we wouldn't need one quite to big}

But I love that you can go up to the top and look out on the water
And I imagine us having FHE and reading scriptures up there.
And I love the entry way with the staircase wrapping around the inside 
and the big chandelier in the entryway.
And I think it would be fun to fix it up and make it beautiful.

I don't know, cheesy, right? 

Yeah... that's my dream.
I bet it'll never happen. 
But I can always dream, right?

But for now, here's to enjoying our $450/month 500 sq. foot house 
and all the memories we're making there now :) 



  1. Your blog is great.

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  2. Your blog is great.

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