April 16, 2011


No worries I'm talking about me - not you. 
But if you are doing finals week this week you may include yourself in this post too :)

I haven't showered in two days 
{oooooo - did I just admit that?} 

We literally haven't done dishes in FOREVER!
{I'd show you the picture but that would like document it forever - so we'll pass}
Plus - we don't even have a dishwasher, so you peeps who are laughing at me that have one - just stop 
lol jk
And if you don't have a dishwasher 

The rest of our house could be worse but you know
it is finals week!
And I have to work 25 hours this week, and its just not on my top list of 
'ways to spend me free time' 
"Bad llama" 
{That was a Emperor's New Groove Reverence incase you were wondering}

I also realize I've kind of sucked it up as far as blogging goes haha...
sorry : / 

But a week from today, we'll have packed up for the summer and heading home to Spokane!!!! :)
I love going home!

Maybe my life will come together when we're living with my inlaws, who have a nice house and a dishwasher, and school's out - mmmmm.... :) 
I cannot wait!
Not to be lazy, just... uh... idk what the heck I'm talking about or why the heck I still am.


p.s. husband wants you to know he started the dishes the other day haha

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