April 1, 2011


I'm happy to announce that April has not let us down

Also, it being the 1 of April, means that today is 
April Fools!
Perhaps the best holiday - ever!
In 5th grade my friend Stephanie Kurth offered me a piece of gum on April 1.
Turned out it was like a mouse trap and it snapped my finger!
What the heck!?!?
Ever since then I've made April Fools my business 
{At least one prank/year}

This morning I put a life saver in our shower head
{It was supposed to get Jer all sticky, but it didn't work :/  }
And I also put plastic wrap over the head of his shampoo bottle so it didn't come out
mouuah haha

I also did something else, but he has yet to discover it so I won't share on here yet ;)
I'm such a mean wife lol



  1. I SO REMEMBER STEPHANIE KURTH AND HER DOING THAT TO US! That was so crazy. I remember on April Fools you came and told me at your locker that your mom was having twins and the reason that you weren't at school the day before was because you were at her ultrasounds. Yup. Pretty funny.

  2. So I am curious what the 3rd April fools joke you played on Jeremy! I'm sad hat the lifesaver one didn't work lol! I had a roommate put red koolaid mix in the shower head and it turned our other roommate all red for a while! Pretty funny stuff! I am so glad you are doing well! I enjoy reading your posts! Love ya girl!


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