June 15, 2012

CHINA: And They're Off!

Today was the day we finally left for china. 

We are in the car right now. I'm sitting on an iPad trying to soak in all that the next two weeks holds in store for us.  I think I'm still in denial... I mean I am VERY excited, but CHINA??? I'm taking a six month old to China? China. Like panda bears and egg rolls? (obviously those are the least of my concerns).
I started packing yesterday. I get the last minute packing habit from my dad... (thanks dad).  There's something about needing to be under pressure and just do it. I cant explain it.  But packing, or starting to pack rather, a whole twenty-four hours ahead of time was a bigstep for this girl.  Jeremy got back from working out of town late last night (Wednesday) and then had to leave again for a couple hours this morning.  My brother Adam, 14 years old, had a school trip to Silverwood, a very sorry excuse for a theme park, and didn't get home until 5:30 today.  "Perfect" we all thought.  We will leave right then and get to Seattle (the plan is to drive to Seattle  and stay in a hotel tonight, Thursday, because we fly out of Seattle for Beijing at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, Friday. Confused yet? me too. Just wait til we add in international date line crossing and time changes and jet lag and constant tourism and sightseeing and foster homes and oh yeah a baby! Anyway, we didn't end up leaving until 7:45 which, as grandma teddy noted, "not bad for a group your size!" I suppose. But now we wont get to Seattle until 1:00am at the earliest...  I guess if you think about it we are going to be so turned around in a few days that whatever. No sleep? Awesome.
Every few minutes I find myself exclaiming, "China?????!?!!!!!??? Waaahhh?"

We are driving two cars to Seattle.  Mom is driving the highlander with dad and the three youngest plus Hannah.  Jeremy is driving the Yukon.  I sat in the front seat for the first while but after a rather traumatic feeding of greenbeans (compliments of Peter and Christian who were sitting on either side of Madeline)  I switched Peter places and now I'm sitting behind the passenger seat. 

It smells like ranch doritos because they help keep Jeremy awake.  I pause every time I hear the bag crinkle because I'm afraid Madeline will wake up. So far so good.  I sang, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" at least five times to get her to fall asleep.  She loves that one. That and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  Madeline is confused to say the least. She is almost always bathed and in bed by this hour.  Still, she is a trooper.  I hope she sleeps til we get there, or longer. Longer would be great.

Christian is asleep but I can still hear his music softly floating out of his headphones and through the car.  I can't make out what song it is.  Probably because I've never heard it before.  Adam has had his feet up on our bench from the back row.  Theres not much room back there.  He keeps adjusting and readjusting. It's been a while since he moved last.  He probably fell asleep too.  Rachel just asked how long until we stop again.  'Not til we get to the hotel Rachel.  You're gonna have to hold it,  sorry'.

I'm ready to give in to sleep and dream of SAFE travels and HAPPY memories.  But I find it hard to sleep when there's thoughts racing through my heart and mind and my husband tends to get dozey at the wheel.  Maybe just a few minutes.   Please keeps us in your prayers the next two weeks.  I think we're gonna need it.

Oh and here come the "I need to go to the bathroom NOW" tears.....Enjoy these last ten minutes of sleep Madeline..... Because I doubt you'll stay asleep when we stop.  Peachy.


  1. Haha oh man, this will be a trip to remember! I'm sure it will be great =) can't wait to read about it as I'm sure you'll blog about it! Have fun!

  2. Yay! You are doing an awesome blogging job already :)I'm so excited for you guys and the sweet lives you will touch.

  3. So sweet!! ENJOY the trip!! You guys are brave! I can't wait to see all your pictures!!!!!


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