June 7, 2012

growing growing growing

she's a cheese-ball

It's hard to believe how fast our little Madeline is growing.  She's six months old (a few weeks ago) and I just can't even believe it! I keep pulling out outfits that I think will be way too big and they are a perfect fit.  How is this happening!? She learned to sit practically over night.  I tried letting her sit right after our trip to Arches (about five months) and she did.  It took her about a week to be really confident about it and she's just been a sitting princess ever since.  She loves the grass (incase you can't tell by the pictures) and could just sit in it all day.  She loves the way it feels and she loves pulling it up.  So cute. She's also in a bubble blowing stage.  She puckers up those lips and just spits/blows bubbles.  Also so cute (it's not that wet yet :)

 We started rice cereal at five months and that's been great.  (I need to find the video of her first time to share with you)  She especially loves carrots, bananas, pears (although they gave her a mild rash all three times we tried - weird, because strawberries didn't do a thing to her) watermelon, squash, peas,  and pretty much everything.  hot or cold, fruit or veggie, she loves it.  She also has a big thing for bread.  And cheerios... well cheerios aren't as soft and they stick to her tongue... so we're working on that one.  She's thinking about crawling but she hasn't made much progress yet. Totally fine by me.  The more immobile days the merrier.

A friend of mine asked me the other day how life was and all I could do was smile and say,"Good. Life is really good."  It's far from perfect.  There's a lot of unknowns right now and I don't know how everything will work out (i.e. place to live, affording a place to live, moving across the country just to name a few....)  but life is good.  I trust that the Lord will help us figure everything out and guide us to where we need to be.  I'm just happy I'm here to enjoy it.


  1. What a sweet heart =) I need to try putting Payson on the grass. I'm just afraid to cuz I know he'll eat it....haha. Anyways, M sounds like she is doing great with eating!! Not too picky!! You are lucky =) Payson won't eat anything green so far...little turkey.

    Good for you for being so optimistic about your future and all that jazz! Heavenly Father always knows the bigger picture and it's great to be able to trust him enough to enjoy the road in the mean time.
    Can't wait to get together with you guys!!

  2. Madeline is growing up so fast, I can't believe how quickly the time goes by! She is adorable and looks just like you and Jeremy.

  3. Love it! What a little dollface! I'm surprised she likes the grass; most immobile babies don't like it! As far as a place to live, have you considered subsidized housing?


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