June 14, 2012

video: happy Madeline

Madeline loves looking in the mirror.  We pass by one every night when I'm about to put her in the tub and she always catches a glimpse of herself and just beams. It's so cute! I don't think she understands, yet,  that it's her reflection she's seeing.  She is a very social baby and loves to smile and chat with just about any baby (around her age) she meets.  Especially her cousin Scarlet.  She sing and dance for Scarlet every time she see's her.  It's pretty cute.  Here's a video of Madeline from yesterday at lunch.  She can see herself on the video and that's why she's so excited. 

{sorry I really need to learn to use vimeo or something.  This is tiny and anyway... at least it is a video! That's like a first for me... right?}

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  1. Ah! That makes me so excited for our kiddos to meet =). Payson has a couple other baby friends but he is much more social than they are so he's all wanting to play and mingle and they're looking at him like "what are you doing man?" haha


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