January 15, 2015

"bubble bath-es are my favorite"

 ^^ We have a splasher. Jeremy often comes out SOAKED after bathing the kids. ^^

Currently I'm listening to my three year old throw a tantrum in my bed because she emptied 60 brand new crayons into my sheets and I won't let her come out until she puts them away.  I know I keep saying this, but THREE is HARD! We've got one independent sass queen living with us and there's not enough nutella in the world to help me get through the afternoons with her. 

Everything was so great. We'd worked out a great system for bedtime and quiet time and I can't understand why it all fell apart in the past week. And I know it's just a phase and it'll pass, because so far all phases, good and bad, haven't lasted forever. But oh my goodness somebody tell me how to parent this child! 

For now I'm remembering this moment from the other night when my kids took their first bubble bath. And Madeline kept saying, "I LOVE bubble bath-es!!!" "bubble bath-es are my favorite!" And she was so happy she looked right into the camera smiling. 

UPDATE: She's stopped crying because she's fallen asleep, on the crayons, and it's 4:45pm which means I should go wake her up if I know what's good for this family. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm sorry for your trauma. Three is hard. Just last night, one of the swimmers I coach was taken away in an ambulance on a spine board. She is eight years old. On the way to the hospital, she didn't know her mom's name. She is going to be fine, but it was one of those moments that puts life and healthy, destructive children in perspective.


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