January 7, 2015

snow, cars and a touch of nostalgia

Yesterday we woke up to a white wonderland. Soft flurries drifted gracefully to the ground all day long. It was a beautiful day to witness. Mostly, thought, I couldn't help feeling overwhelming gratitude for our car. I've been thankful for the past eight months we've had it, but driving in the snow in a highlander versus a grand prix really made me appreciate the beauty of an SUV. Not to mention the working heat and windshield wipers that actually wipe your windshield

I'd be lying, however, if I didn't admit to feeling a wave of nostalgia when we bid farewell to our old green hunk of metal. We put a lot of miles on that thing. It was the car Jeremy picked me up in the day he proposed, the car we loaded up with all our wedding gifts and drove to our first home in Utah. We strapped Madeline's crib to the roof of it before she was born, we drove across the country in it and both our babies came home from the hospital in that car. So yes, I was maybe a little teary letting it go. Even if I dreamed of the day we'd let it go for months. It was falling apart a wee bit. Grateful to not be driving it this winter! And looking forward to the new memories we'll make with our highlander.

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  1. We have the same car (highlander) and we love it! I remember when you put the crib on the roof haha!


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