January 22, 2015

he's just a really great dad

Horrible photos. I know. I was shooting through a sheet of plastic, glass windows, and a metal window guard in low light. Not to mention the lovely backdrop.... Not the point. 

The point is, at 7:30 last night Jeremy walked home from a long day of school, followed by serving two hours at our Bishop storehouse (usually we all go, but Luke and I are sick). I'm sure he would have loved to sit down in our warm house and have dinner, but instead he asked Madeline if she'd like to build a snowman. 

Obviously she did. In fact she had no problems with changing out of her pajamas and extending her bedtime by an hour ;) 

Thank you Jeremy for being such a great dad. Thanks for being present in the lives of our kids. I'm certain if you weren't, you wouldn't have known how much she'd love to spend a little time with you in the snow. 

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